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Brady-Yaks is your one-stop destination for eco-tours in the Indian River Lagoon. Enjoy kayaking in Cocoa Beach, Merritt Island and Cape Canaveral.

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Available Tours

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Bioluminescent Tour

Our Bioluminescent Tour is an unforgettable experience, allowing you to observe the natural phenomenon created by dinoflagellates and pulsing Comb Jellies in the Indian River Lagoon. This tour is available seasonally, so don't miss out on this unique opportunity to be mesmerized by the glowing lights of the lagoon.

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2 HR Guided Kayak/Paddleboard Tour

Our 2-hour guided eco-tour is the perfect way to explore the Indian River Lagoon. Our experienced guides will take you on an unforgettable kayak or paddle board tour, where you can experience one of the most biodiverse areas in the northern hemisphere. See dolphins, manatees, and a variety of birds and fish and learn about the history and ecology of the lagoon.

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Sunrise Tours

Start your day right with a Sunrise Tour of the Indian River Lagoon! Beat the heat and explore the lagoon's incredible wildlife, from birds and dolphins to manatees. Our experienced guides will take you on an unforgettable journey of discovery and adventure - all before noon

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Sunset Tours

End the day with a stunning sunset on our Indian River Lagoon Eco Tour. Nothing beats a Florida sunset, and our tour offers unparalleled views of the wildlife, dolphins, birds, and manatees that make this area unique. Perfect for honeymoons and couples, our sunset tour will create memories that last a lifetime.

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Kayak and Paddle Board Rental

Our Kayak and Paddle Board Rentals provide all the necessary gear and safety equipment for a great day on the water. We provide a knowledgeable staff to help you find the perfect route and provide tips for a safe and enjoyable trip. With our rentals, you can explore the area at your own pace and enjoy the natural beauty of the eco-tours.


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Expert Local Guides

Our highly knowledgeable and passionate local guides are the heart of Brady-Yaks Tours & Rentals. With their in-depth understanding of the Indian River Lagoon's ecosystem, history, and wildlife, they ensure every tour is an educational and memorable experience.

Unparalleled Wildlife Encounters

At Brady-Yaks, we pride ourselves on providing you with up-close and personal encounters with the incredible wildlife of the lagoon. From playful dolphins and gentle manatees to an array of vibrant bird species, our tours promise unforgettable moments with nature's most captivating inhabitants.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Choosing us means choosing a company dedicated to preserving the pristine beauty of the Indian River Lagoon. Our eco-tours are designed with utmost respect for the environment, ensuring minimal impact on the delicate ecosystem, and fostering a deeper appreciation for conservation efforts.

Customizable Adventures

No matter who you're exploring with, we've got you covered! Our tours cater to families, friends, couples, and solo adventurers, allowing you to tailor your experience and create cherished memories in the lagoon that perfectly suit your preferences.

Year-Round Availability

Unlike other tours, Brady-Yaks offers you the opportunity to explore the Indian River Lagoon all year long. Whether you wish to witness the enchanting bioluminescence, experience the magic of sunrise or sunset, or embark on an exciting guided tour, we have options to match every season.

Convenient Rentals

For those seeking independence and freedom, our kayak and paddleboard rentals are the ideal choice. With top-notch equipment and helpful guidance, you can set your own pace and embark on your self-guided adventure through the breathtaking wonders of the lagoon.

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